Q.  Why are you doing this?
A.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Q.  Can I bring my dog/parakeet/weird animal?
A.  Yes, we love your weird animal, just bring water for it.

Q.  What about parking?
A.  You can park along Ironage Road, just pull over to one side so others can pass.  There is a sandy spot that only confident drivers should attempt.  High clearance vehicles should be fine.

Q.  How much is it?
A.  The food is free but we gladly take tips.

Q.  Is there a dress code?
A.  No, but please wear clothes appropriate for a sandy desert environment.

Q.  Why is it so far away?
A.  So you can have pristine panoramic views of Wonder Valley from our gold-leafed dining room.

Q.  Can we camp?
A.  Not on the site the restaurant is located at , but there are plenty of options.