Secret Restaurant is an experimental restaurant that explores America’s current attitudes toward food.  Billed as the worlds tiniest restaurant, and located in the extreme climate of the Mojave Desert outside of Joshua Tree, is only 16 square feet.  Drawing inspiration from ‘secret’ menu items, underground dinner clubs like Wolvesmouth and the invitation-only Totoraku, the work of Rirkrit Tiravanija, the project speaks to what Mission Street Food’s Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz called the “sportification of food.”
The project aims to be aggressively marketed but at the same time, difficult to get to, to find, and to see on any satellite maps.  Neither is it a comfortable situation for the diners or the cook- there are no chairs or tables to sit at, and the cook prepares food in a small bunker-like steel building.  There is a gold-leafed dining room, but with only the barest hint at a structure, so as not to appear on satellite imagery.
The project received a minimal amount of crowd-funding and from the venue, High Desert Test Sites, which supports experimental art that engages with the local environment and community.  For many legal reasons, the ‘restaurant’ will not charge for its food.
Secret Restaurant is open for Lunch and Dinner Oct 12 and 13, 2013.  After that it will close.
For more information, please contact info [at] whatissecretrestaurant.com

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  1. This is so unique! Do you have a menu?

  2. The menu is still largely secret, but we’ll have a vegetarian option, and it will likely involve duck confit.

  3. Please reserve a spot for me at your Full Moon Ramen.
    Family taking me for my late 50 something year birthday.
    Not part of Facebook still struggling with email.

  4. read about you in the Desert Sun this morning, and am beyond excited!

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