Secret Restaurant would not be possible if it were not for the following individuals and organizations:

Andrea Zittel
Aurora Tang
Brad Hudson Thomas

Our Funders:

David V Brotman
Matt and Hilary
Ronald Pine
Carey Sue Smith
Gretchen Larsen
Jerry Sohn
Joanie Paik
Byron Chang
Pam Leonte
Diane Dornberger
Aaron Loewenson
Anonymous Contributors 1, 2, and 3
Nobuko Pine
Michael Gruber
Boris Hamilton
Shota Ban
Rob and Leslie
Patty DeFrank
The Cakewalk Film Corporation
Gregory and Steph
Marisa and Nick

And the Volunteers/Helpers:

Luis Tena and GTL Infografias
Sorayos Tang Chuenchomphu
Kate Chiu
Lucas Wrench
The Wonder Valley Workforce
Kip Fjeld
The staff at The Palms Restaurant
Christian Page and the staff of Short Order
Thomas Patterson/Lux Populi


-Bob and Jim