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HDTS 2017

Highlights from the Off Road Expo

March 28-29, 2015

After a quick introduction to wrapping breakfast burritos for air travel, participants loaded the Burrito Cannon.  Then they ran down range about 100 yards to catch them.  For the Finale, Salsa Packets were launched into the air.

Photos by Betty Nguyen for Secret Restaurant

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Burrito Cannon

A few photos of the Burrito Cannon for the HDTS and Machine Project Off-Road Expo.

DSC_4376 DSC_4377 DSC_4388

Photos from the Gamble House Event

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Gamble House



As part of the AxS Festival 2014 | CURIOSITY has commissioned the fascinating LA-based arts collective Machine Project to re-imagine a quintessential Pasadena landmark — the Greene and Greene Arts and Crafts masterpiece — The Gamble House.

We’ll be there, in the basement cooking up food to be delivered via conveyor belt to the ground level.

Donations strongly encouraged.

Some new photos from Full Moon Ramen


c Kate Moxham

c 2014 Kate Moxham


Two beautiful photos from Full Moon Ramen courtesy photographer Kate Moxham.  Thanks, Kate!

Breakfast Burritos at Machine Project



Full Moon Ramen: mostly successful

Over 200 people attended the event at the High Desert Test Sites Iron Age Road parcel.  Surrounded by the Sheephole Valley Wilderness, we served Tonkotsu and Veggie Ramen to people who came from as far away as Arizona and even Toronto!  There aren’t enough 1’s and 0’s in the internet to thank everyone who helped out, but I will try to include everyone I can remember on the special thanks page.  If you want to stay up to date on future events, send and email with the subject line “SR Guest List” to info [at]


(c) Chelsea Cody


(c) Chelsea Cody


(c) Chelsea Cody


(c) Chelsea Cody


(c) Chelsea Cody



Test Plating

We made up a test plating at Short Order today to work out the details.  Tonkotsu ramen with Pork Belly, the 7 minute smoked egg,  sesame, green onion, nori and Willy B’s Hot Sauce.

Ramen with Willy B's Hot Sauce. Kitchen Magic being applied. Secret Ingredients The 7 minute egg, lightly smoked.

We’re gearing up for Full Moon Ramen


Full Moon Ramen, the latest iteration of Secret Restaurant will take place Saturday Night March 15th in Wonder Valley.  Exploring the food trend of Ramen, with two soup bases and handmade noodles will be our theme for the moonlit evening.

We’re testing tonkotsu, a pork-bone broth, as well as a lighter vegetarian broth based on Miso, Kelp and Shiitake Mushrooms.